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Rui Abreu
Rui Abreu 3 days ago:
very good
Owais Al Khatib
Owais Al Khatib 2017-06-13:
well done !
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 2017-04-20:
great job! this type of navigator is what everyone needs! :-)
Pavel Mikhalyoff
Pavel Mikhalyoff 2017-03-20:
Excellent! Who ever used the navigator immediately understand where he needs to move. And the navigator itself is in the lower zone, which does not close the picture.
kushcomfy 2017-03-17:
muhammadbunyan7 2017-03-14:
Good (y)
amin nikmaram
amin nikmaram 2017-03-14:
it's very nice
галимов айдар
галимов айдар 2017-03-04:
good icon
david long
david long 2017-03-03:
I like this direction arrow!
Edwin De Keuleneer
Edwin De Keuleneer 2017-02-23:
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