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Simone Padovani
Simone Padovani 2014-04-09:
Simple and minimal... my style!!
Juan 2013-10-11:
Adi kawa
Adi kawa 2013-09-13:
Mohamad Al Bahra
Mohamad Al Bahra 2013-07-09:
Jorge Cabrera
Jorge Cabrera 2013-07-01:
This theme looks great for a virtual tour, I like high transparency.
Spaventa Ignacio
Spaventa Ignacio 2013-05-27:
I love it
jack wang
jack wang 2012-07-04:
At the right side of Tourweaver, you can find "skin list". At the bottom of this panel, you can add "" file. Thus, the skin can be applied.
Eduardo Azancot
Eduardo Azancot 2012-05-30:
How to show the scene info text on each scene?
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